Welcome to the onboarding process.

5 minutes to complete
Please don't close this page before finishing.
Step 1

Fill out the form on this page.

Step 2

Login to Basecamp and begin our onboarding checklist.

Step 3

Schedule a call to hash out booking and how your workflows work.

Onboarding - Lead Generation

Here's the plan!

This gives us a huge head start in getting your account squared away.

Once the form is done, we'll create a Basecamp Project for you and your business. Basecamp is what we use for project management.

It'll have an onboarding checklist of the things you'll need to accomplish in the CRM that we cannot. Like connecting your stripe account, socials and analytics. That kind of stuff. 

From there, we'll have a call where we dive into your business a bit more and discover the nuances we are going to need to add to your workflows, pipelines, campaigns, etc. 

Can't wait to get you up and running!!

Business Contact

Who should we talk to for website questions, the design process, and anything we need moving forward?