Welcome to the onboarding process.

15-30 minutes to complete
Please don't close this page before finishing.
Step 1

Fill out the form on this page.

Step 2

Login to Basecamp to begin working on your to-do list and upload your media/assets.

Onboarding - Website

Here's the plan.

This form gives us a huge head start in moving forward. 

After this form, we'll create a Basecamp account for you (our project management system) with checklists for to-do items to give us the access we need and folders for you to add images, logos, and other assets to. 

We'll be writing the copy for the site, but we also provide a Storybrand Lite document to help us get an even better feel for what you're about. 

During this, we'll spin up a development site and you'll be able to follow along!

Business Contact

Who should we talk to for website questions, the design process, and anything we need moving forward?