Custom Church Websites

Hand Crafting Your New Front Door

Eighty-five percent of potential guests say a church's website significantly affects whether they will visit a church or not. We craft your custom church website to increase church engagement through reaching potential guests as well as members and volunteers. 

Built Just for You

Tailor Made Websites

Your Custom Church website is developed based on your specific needs. No shortcuts, no templates. We start each custom project from the ground up.

Every church is different, so it's important that you have a site that reflects the unique style and vision of yours. Once we have a grasp on your story, we obsess over every detail that goes into your site. It's about accuracy and excellence. 

Custom Church Site - Discover Life Church

The Reach Company does excellent work and has been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend their work to anyone in business or ministry.

Jeremiah Johnson

Heart of the Father Ministry

A Custom Church Website that is Easy to Manage.

If you've been overwhelmed by your church website, I've been in your shoes! The Reach Company actually began to form through my experience with a horrible website as a staff pastor and my mission to make it better!

My experience rebuilding it sent me on this journey to help churches reach their community through well designed, easy to use, stress free websites. After working with churches of all sizes we have a tried and true approach to doing just that for you!

*PS - Yes! You can do a video background like this. In about two clicks.

Our Creative Process

We have a proven process that makes it easy and stress free to get your custom church website off the ground and into the real world. 

On Mission Church - Sermon Area
It's about your brand.
It's homework time! Through talking with you (email, phone, FaceTime, smoke signals) we learn more about what makes your church unique and what your vision is.

We Will Talk about: 
Your Brand
Your Goals
Your Audience
Your Opportunities

It's about Planning & Details

This is our planning an initial concepts stage. We take what we learn in step 1 and begin mapping the website. We also set up a shared Dropbox folder so you can begin dropping in your logos and pictures and a Slack channel so we can communicate easily. In this step we also map out most of the written content your site will need.

Next we build out home page and interior page concepts so we can better learn your design preferences and what kind of impression you want to make. Here we craft the colors, font choices and overall 'feel' of the site.

We Will Talk About:

Content Strategy
Next Steps/Ministries
Website Flow
Initial Design

It's about Creating and Refining
We take your feedback and build the rest of the site based off the website flow (sitemap) we created together. We work with you to create the content for the entire site. You can review our progress every step of the way. We will create and refine and tweak and obsess over every detail until your site is pixel perfect.
We Will Talk About:
Web Design
Copy Writing
Fine Tuning Design
It's about Optimization and Support
Now it's time to turn the lights on! Once you're ready we migrate the site to your live URL, we create custom tutorials specific to your site, create user accounts for the staff/volunteers you want,  and complete our site optimization. Here is where our ongoing maintenance and support starts. 
We Will Talk About:
Training Staff
Analytics + Marketing

Easy Peasy

Content is always being updated. From your next steps page to events to sermons, use our drag and drop page builder to easily change up your content. We promise, you'll love it!

Always Ready

Managed hosting at it's best! We handle everything on the backend so you never have to worry about it. We make sure your website is always fast, optimized, healthy, and up to date.

Mobile First

Chances are more than half of your visitors will be on mobile devices. Heck, you might be looking at this on your phone. Responsive design is at the forefront of our plan for Essentials.


Google Analytics will help you monitor your site's performance. You'll be able to view all your statistics right inside your Website dashboard. If you're on our middle hosting tier you get reports monthly in your inbox.

Custom Tutorials

We create tutorial videos that are site specific for every custom site so that you and your team know specifically how to work within your site. You won't have to go looking for them. These tutorials will be right on your site!

Church Focused

Being in ministry gives us insight into church needs. We build your sermons, events, campuses, teams, ministries, next steps and more from the ground up. We will make these areas shine!

Tailored Design

Custom sites are hand crafted, usually over the course of a month, to accurately reflect your church's uniqueness. We work really hard make sure of this.

SEO Friendly

The technical side is already done.  We implement the best practice for Search Engine Optimization to get you found. We also build SEO into your Social Media strategy.

Easy Giving

Most churches that get a custom site already have a solid giving solution and/or ChMS. We do our best to integrate their design seamlessly with your new site.

Creative Control

Your custom church site is turn key, but you can change add what you need to as the need arises. Wanna add a different logo/menu to the kids page or build a sermon series landing page? No problem!

Stellar Support

Your tutorials are easy to follow and we maintain everything on the backend, but life happens. If you get hung up trying to do something we have great support that is just an email away or message away.

Only the Best

We invest in premium tools, plugins (we build on WordPress), contractors and VPS cloud hosting. You reap the benefits of our toolbox at a fraction of the cost with our hosting plans.

Unlimited Pages

We build every page custom for you! But what happens when you add a new ministry or initiative? Once we finish your design we make it simple to add and customize a new page in minutes.

Great for Teams

Can one manage the site? For sure. But you can easily create user accounts for team members, point them towards your custom tutorials, and send them on their merry, creative way. Your creative director's job just got easier.

Smart Content

We put thought into making your content management very efficient. Whether it's for ministries, campuses or events when you add content once your site automatically pulls it where it’s needed throughout the site.

Custom Church Website Pricing

 Every church's needs are different. And that means the scope of each project is different to. Still, it's frustrating when there's not even a ball park estimate on how much something like this costs. Most of our custom projects land between 3-7K. Some churches just need what we offer on the lower end (which is still a lot). Others need a lot of custom work and a lot more than 12-15 pages. That's why we are only able to give you a starting price until we can chat.

When you click 'get started' you'll have the ability to tell us what you are looking for. After our first conversation we should be able to develop a fairly accurate quote for your project. 

Starting At


One Time Fee

  • 8-12 Page Custom Church Website

  • All Reach Design Features

  • Our Intuitive Page Builder

  • Google Analytics Dashboard

  • Custom Tutorials for your team

  • A Scaleable Online Presence

  • Site Based Style Guide

Basic Maintenance



  • Fully Managed Hosting

  • Stellar & Fast Support

  • Continually Optimized & Fast Site

  • Auto Updates & New Features

  • Weekly Backups

  • Access to Our Knowledge Base

Looking for More?



  • Free Sunday Social!
  • Primary Support
  • Advanced Stats
  • Discounts on Future Work
  • Site Work Retainer
  • Backups

Standard Pack

$149 / Month

  • Free Sunday Social! $19 Monthly Value
  • Primary Support 12 Hours
  • Advanced Stats Report Delivered to Your Inbox
  • Discounts on Future Work 10% Off Anything
  • Site Work Retainer 2 Hour/Mo ($150 Value)
  • Backups Daily Backups

Premium Pack

$279 / Month

  • Free Sunday Social! $19 Monthly Value
  • Primary Support 12 Hours
  • Advanced Stats Report Delivered to Your Inbox
  • Discounts on Future Work 15% Off Anything
  • Site Work Retainer 4 Hour/Mo ($300 Value)
  • Backups Daily Backups

We're Here for You

Get started on your Custom Church Website with a simple form that gives us a few details about what you are looking for. This give us a baseline and ensures we can hit the ground running when we have our first conversation!