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Chin Up Aesthetics

1,928 leads in one year from the website alone.


Increase in website traffic year-over-year.


Leads generated from Facebook ads.


Position in the Map Pack for over 8 core services.

Here's what we did.

Custom Site

Our goal for this project was to take a medspa and all its services, and build 1) a site with clear navigation to find the services they want, 2) a funnel capability where story branded landing pages can be launched with conversion tracking ready quickly, 3) full site content that is wholly focused on the problems and feelings of their ideal clients.

Local SEO

Shortly after Chin Up brought us in they launched a second location in a metro location in the middle of a lot of competition. Within 6 months we were able to rank in the top 2 for most of their core services both in organic results and in the local map pack with many taking the top spot. This in turn drives targeted, local traffic directly to their website.

Lead Generation Systems

We worked with Chin Up to create funnels and pipelines that match their business and staff capability. This included working together to identify pain points, creating custom messaging for each funnel email/sms, building out the timing of each workflow, and working with the nuances we discovered along the way.

Facebook Campaign Management

We worked with Chin Up to plan out their ongoing ad campaigns on Facebook and Google taking into account the seasonality of their service, building out all creatives/messaging and working to shift our offers depending on lead quality and generation amount.

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