A Ready Made Site for Your Church.

Our Essentials Sites are focused on small to medium sized churches on a budget. They are nearly turnkey. We set up your site, and you follow along with our tutorials to replace our content to make the site your own! 

Make it Yours

Simple Drag and Drop Builder

It's like a brand new house. You just have to add your own touches to make it yours! Once we set up your Essentials site you just have to replace our logos, colors, pictures and words with your own. 

By far the easiest design we've worked with in over 18 years of ministry. The layout for design is amazing to navigate, making it easy to design, edit, and update our site in no time at all. Because of it's predesign, we were able to edit and add our content and have a live site in less than a day! The best choice for logo and web design we've ever made.

Brandon Marler

The Mount Church

Prebuilt, but with a Custom Feel.

We create our Essentials Sites with the same tools, care and support that go into every fully custom site we build. It's not a simple template. It's a fully functional, well thought out and optimized church website.

*PS - Yes! You can do a video background like this. In about two clicks.
The River Essentials Site - Sermon Page

Your Sermons Deserve This

With a few clicks you can make sure your message is heard! Just add your video or audio, drop in your sermon graphics, and click 'publish.' People can browse by series, speaker, date and more. The sermon player is beautiful with uniquely designed layouts for each Essentials site.

Freedom Essentials Site - Events Pages

Built In Event Management

Calendars can be eye catching & functional. You don't have to have an ugly Google cal embed on your site anymore. With our calendar you can just click 'Add Event,' drop in a description plus a featured image, select your dates, and publish! If you need additional functionality we can help with that too!

Easy Peasy

Use our drag and drop page builder & customizer to add your logo, colors and content as well as creating new content. It's as easy as 'point and click.' We promise, you'll love it!

Always Ready

Managed hosting at it's best! We handle everything on the backend so you never have to worry about it. We make sure your website is always fast, optimized, healthy, and up to date.

Mobile First

Chances are more than half of your visitors will be on mobile devices. Heck, you might be looking at this on your phone. Responsive design is at the forefront of our plan for Essentials.

Tailored Design

Essentials Sites are basically turnkey but we can tweak the site to make it personal for your ministry. We can work with you to build in additional functionality that fits your church.

SEO Friendly

Most of the technical side is already done. You can easily change page titles, descriptions and what image is shared when a page or post is shared. You can also control which images and page descriptions show when a page is shared on social media.

Easy Giving

We will integrate your giving solution or help you get setup with one of our preferred vendors. We're raving fans of PCO Giving. Either way, clear giving pathways increase generosity.

Great Support

Our Essentials Sites tuts are easy to follow and we maintain everything on the backend, but if you get hung up trying to do something we have great support that is just an email away!

Church Focused

We are in ministry, so we know what you need. We have built in things like sermons, events as well as the top pages that most church sites have traffic on. You'll love how easy it is to make these areas shine.

Custom CSS

We are just as fanatic about clean code and design as we are helping your church. And you never have to touch it! But for those with advanced skills you can add CSS to customize your site even more.

Unlimited Pages

We build every page with ministry in mind. But I'm sure your church has ministries that are just yours! Just click 'Add New Page' and select one of the template pages or saved rows for your Essentials Site.

Great for Teams

Can one manage the site? For sure. But you can easily create user accounts for team members, point them towards our tutorials, and send them on their merry, creative way. Your creative director's job just got easier (especially if the pastor is the creative director).

Only the Best

We invest in premium tools, plugins (we build on WordPress) and VPS cloud hosting. You reap the benefits of our toolbox at a fraction of the cost with our hosting plans. Essentials users get all the tools and support that our custom site users get.

Our Process

Our Essentials sites are already built. Find one you like below. You can demo till your heart's content. Wanna check out the backend? Just let us know and we'll set you up.
After you've picked the site you want, click 'Get Started' and drop us a line to get the ball rolling. We'll be in touch to make the magic happen.

Let there be light! Here's where we make the magic happen. We take the Essentials Site of your choice, add it to your domain (if you don't have one we handle that too), make any additional tweaks we have discussed and create user profiles for you. 

This is also around the time we send an invoice as well. During this time we recommend you go through the site of your choice and begin planning your content so that when we create a user profile for you making all your changes goes quickly. 

Once we get the site up and running we hand you the keys.  If you'd like we can add a 'coming soon' page with some pertinent links (service times, direction, giving) until you're ready for the site to go LIVE. 
Essentials Sites are already made for you! Just add your church logo, colors and content. Its about as simple as clicking our content and replacing it with your own. You can follow along with the tutorials in our Knowledge Base, and if you get stuck you can send a support request. Our managed hosting begins when we turn over the keys to you.
Enjoy your new 'front door!' When you're done you'll have a new, functional website that uniquely reflects your church's brand, reach'speople in your community, and puts out content that looks like something you'd actually want to share!
Let us know when you are done adding your content! We will take away the 'coming soon' page and perform sitewide optimization like we do when we finish up a custom site. 

Honest, Straight Forward Pricing

One Time Fee


  • A website you're proud of

  • All Reach Design Features

  • Our Intuitive Page Builder

  • Quick Access (It's Ready Made)

  • Google Analytics Dashboard

  • Easy to Follow Tutorials

  • We Walk With You



  • Fully Managed Hosting

  • Stellar & Fast Support

  • Continually Optimized & Fast Site

  • Auto Updates & New Features

  • Weekly Backups

  • Access to Our Knowledge Base

  • 10% Discounts on Future Work

Looking for a Few Extras?

Our Essentials Sites are ready for you to add your own feel to them. But we can always take it a bit further.

Some churches ask us to set up additional items for them: campuses, podcasting (which you can do), a custom staff area, email using their domain, writing copy for their new site, deeper social integration, or create a logo/branding plan for them. You may also have specific functionality you're looking for that isn't in an Essentials Site. Things like this would be an additional charge. Just let us know what you're looking to add.

Most Hosting Options!



  • Free Sunday Social!
  • Primary Support
  • Advanced Stats
  • Discounts on Future Work
  • Site Work Retainer

Standard Pack

$99 / Month

  • Free Sunday Social! $19 Monthly Value
  • Primary Support 12 Hours
  • Advanced Stats Report Delivered to Your Inbox
  • Discounts on Future Work 10% Off Anything
  • Site Work Retainer 1 Hour/Mo ($65 Value)

Premium Pack

$149 / Month

  • Free Sunday Social! $19 Monthly Value
  • Primary Support 12 Hours
  • Advanced Stats Report Delivered to Your Inbox
  • Discounts on Future Work 15% Off Anything
  • Site Work Retainer 2 Hour/Mo ($130 Value)

Our Essentials Sites

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We're Here for You

Get started on your Essentials Site with a simple form that gives us a few details about what you are looking for. This give us a baseline and ensures we can hit the ground running when we have our first conversation!